Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am not Irish enough...

So today is St. Patrick's Day and all is well with everyone else but me. I am not sloshing hardcore on beers and alcohol or partying it up with friends; I am here home dorking out on the computer.

So what could make all this better? I worked today and started doing deliveries for the first time with Domino's. I made good tips(not a whole lot at this point but I was happy with the result) and have money to start putting into the bank. This means I can start buying whatever the heck I want now in terms of food items etc. Stop by 7-eleven to get some tea? How about some fast food? I can do all those things now!! YAYY~

Another bad note though is that I still cannot use the car whenever I want, I could use this to my advantage because I can say I am working during the day and take the car out but going out at night will be quite a hassle. Well, I guess that would save on money spending...

I do not work until Sunday night so these next two days will be me abusing my rest period. I feel like sleeping in sooo bad because Domino's is fast paced and I feel worn out from these few days worked in a row. Things will work out and I will be ready to tackle Sunday!!

Now let us just get down on Friday, as Rebecca Black would say, and enjoy going out that night with friends if possible. :)

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